Whiz Kids: The O'Toole's

Congratulations to these three siblings and their parents!

Whiz Kid's name(s): Jamie, Quinn and Jessica O’Toole

Whiz Kid's age(s): 10, 8, and 7

Whiz Kid's school(s): F.A. Cleveland School

Whiz Kid's Accomplishments: According to friends of the famliy, these Whiz Kids are three of the most respectful and caring children and an absolute joy to be around. Their mother Jeannie recently described her oldest, Jamie, and youngest, Jessica, as "bookends" to their brother Quinn. Jamie and Jessica are mirror images of each other and Quinn brings tremendous balance and ease to his siblings, family and friends.

Previous Whiz Kid Joey Barry said Quinn and Jamie and Jess feel like brothers and sisters to him, and that being at the O'Toole's feels like being at home: "It's the best. I love being at their house."

Jamie is an avid reader and loves writing. He a fantastic baseball player, playing for Norwood Little League since he was old enough to pick up a bat and has been playing floor hockey for the Lightening since kindergarten. Jamie is also an extremely strong swimmer, and at ten is old enough to take the life guard swim test but is going to wait, "until I'm a little older."

Jessica is in her third year of dance and gymnastics at the Civic and just recently became a “Brownie” (the first level of Girl Scouts). Jess enjoys drawing, reading and playing with her cherished American Girl doll, and like her brothers is an extremely strong swimmer for a child of her age. She is not one to shy away from a fierce hula-hoop competition, water gun fight, or wrestling match with her brothers and their friends.

Quinn on the other hand is the more adventurous and easy-going of the trio. His sport of choice is soccer. He can be seen barreling up and down the field, no matter how cold or rainy the night, determined to help his team. At just eight (soon nine), he can be focused and intense on the field one moment, and when on the sidelines although still intensely focused, his supportive, easy-going personality helps carry his team. Quinn is also a passionate and naturally gifted artist, a strong swimmer, has been playing floor hockey for Norwood since kindergarten.

Whiz Kids' Keys to Awesomeness: The trio's aunt, Diane said, "Jamie is the stereotypical first born kid, he's very conscientious, tries his best in all he does, and almost always makes the right choice. He's also very funny."

"Quinn is the most empathetic person I have ever met," she added. "He truly fights for the underdog and stands up for others who have been treated unfairly. Quinn has a heart of gold."

On Jessie, she said, "Jessie is the girly-girl who can take down her brothers if needed. She truly has come into her own and is fun to hang out with."

Nominators' said that the real key is the focus on family and priorities that their parents have obviously instilled in these three children. Congratulations to the entire family!

Denise K October 20, 2011 at 01:27 PM
CONGRATULATIONS O'TOOLE'S!!!! Truly a great and well-deserved honor!!!!!!!
Colleen Reynolds October 20, 2011 at 02:22 PM
Great family, great kids... I think part of the success should be directly attributed to Quinn's preschool teacher :) Congratulations!


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