Health Inspections: Giorgio's Pizza, Perks Coffee House, Norwood Little League and More

The following health inspection reports were submitted by Board of Health inspectors.

Editor's note: The following was provided by the Norwood Health Department. Any inspection report below is a snapshot of the day and time of the inspection. On any given day, a restaurant could have more or fewer violations than noted below and may not be representative of the overall cleanliness of an establishment. If there are any questions or concerns contact the Norwood Health Department at 781-762-1240.

Thursday - April 18, 2013


  • Follow-up inspection per BOH: unlabeled purple chemical spray bottle observed in ware washing area. 
  • Relocate p/t dispenser from above the food sink to the hand sink area. 
  • Following surfaces in the kitchen require further cleaning of soil and grease build up: under counters to prep tables, shelves, floor and wall under all sinks. 
  • Note: although an improvement was observed and a good faith effort is being made regarding the sanitation of the kitchen, it continues to be a work in progress - consistency needed.


  • Follow-up per BOH.
  • Unlabeled clear chemical spray bottle on shelf in kitchen prep area - staff unable to identify liquid inside - bottle discarded. 
  • Boxes of food stored on floor inside retail freezer - food must be stored 6" off floor. 
  • Meat dept: wall and floor behind and under the 3bay sink observed with heavy soil build up - better cleaning needed and increase frequency of cleaning in area.
  • Good food handling observed. 
  • Spot check of food code dates ok.


  • Follow-up per BOH. 
  • Rodent droppings observed in dining, prep and cook area - more aggressive pest control treatments needed. 
  • PCO to treat facility weekly for next 4 weeks - forward copy of reports to HD after each treatment. 
  • Reduce clutter at dumpster area, may create harborage for pests - discard unused soda crates, empty boxes and equipment. 
  • Good food handling observed. 
  • Sanitizer in 3bay sink and wipe cloth buckets at proper concentration. 
  • Reviewed proper re-heating procedures with pic - steam table is NOT designed to reheat food. 
  • Note: hood above cook line and ansul system due for service this month. Also, takeover by new owner in early stages.

Wednesday - April 17, 2013


  • Pre-operational inspection for issuance of food permit.
  • Provide ample supply of food grade gloves.
  • Hot water at 3bay sink, hand sink in kitchen and restrooms observed >110F.
  • Hand sinks fully stocked with soap and paper towels.
  • Coolers <39F.
  • Test kits and sanitizer (quats) on site.
  • Note: Person in charge to re-certify as a food manager - 30 days to comply, info given - post certificate and provide a copy of certificate to health department.


  • Re-inspection regarding installation of new water heater that serves men's and women's restrooms.
  • New water heater observed on site.
  • Temperature of hot water in both restrooms observed >110F - issue corrected.


  • Re-inspection regarding installation of additional water heater to meet hot water demand for 3 bay sink and hand sink.
  • New 40 gallon water heater observed on site.
  • Temperature of hot water in 3 bay and hand sink observed.

Washington Mini Market Inc., 1125 Washington St.:

  • Person in charge provided the inspector with copies of the pest control service contract, a copy of the approved registration of the retailers license for the sale of cigarettes and a floor plan of the establishment.
  • Inspector still waiting for spec sheets of new equipment.
  • Note: no mop sink observed on site - plumbing inspector notified and scheduled to visit establishment on 4/19. Food permit not issued until mop sink issue is resolved. Re-inspection to be scheduled.

Tuesday - April 16, 2013

FMIC, 1175 Providence Hwy.:

  • Provide phone number to establishment.
  • Provide p/t at all hand sinks - corrected.
  • Allergy Awareness statement posted at point of service.
  • Label all sinks with sign designating their specific use.
  • Establishment to open on 4/29 - permitted to operate and bring in food product.

Thursday - April 11, 2013


  • Interior of oven and bottom shelf to stand-up cooler observed with soil build up - more frequent cleaning needed.
  • Keep ample supply of test strips on site.
  • Ensure blade to mounted can opener is washed and sanitized after each use.
  • Spot check of food code dates ok.

FM Global, 500 River Ridge Dr.:

  • Sanitizer concentration in wipe cloth bucket too strong - person in charge demonstrated proper filling, mixing and testing of sanitizer- retrain staff.
  • Wet wipe cloths observed throughout surfaces of kitchen.
  • Light covers in prep area and fan guards in window cooler observed with black dust build up - more frequent cleaning needed.
  • Note: facility is closing and will be relocating to new building in two weeks.

Monday - April 8, 2013 


  • All issues were corrected: chemicals properly labeled and stored in a designated area.
  • Ice scoop holder clean to sight and touch.
  • Sanitizer concentration in properly set-up 3 bay sink observed at 200ppm.
  • Lights replaced above 3 bay sink.
  • Food permit posted.


  • Most issues were corrected: sanitizer in spray bottle at proper concentration.
  • Flip top unit in bar area holding cold phf's <41F.
  • Food permit posted.
  • Note: Person in charge provided proof of registration by food manager to take food allergy awareness video training- provide copy of cert to health dept. and post.


  • Observed staff member not properly sanitizing equipment in 3 bay sink - retraining needed.
  • Fan guards in window cooler w/dust build up - more frequent cleaning needed.
  • CB at flip top unit badly scored - resurface or replace.
  • Discussion with person in charge: ensure personal beverages are spill proof and stored in designated area, food allergy notice on menu board has improper verbiage - info given.
  • Temps of hot and cold held perishable foods observed in compliance. General sanitation good.

Good And Evil Convenience, 36 Vanderbilt Ave.: 

  • Spot check of food code dates good.
  • General sanitation good.
  • Milk, eggs and cheese observed at <41F.
  • Note: much improvement continues to be noted on monitoring food code dates.


  • Complaint regarding no hot water in men's restroom.
  • During site inspection, no hot water observed in men's and women's restroom.
  • Peron in charge told to inspect the separate water heater located in basement which provides hot water to restrooms is leaking from pipe.
  • A new water heater was ordered.
  • Person in charge has placed a bottle of hand sanitizer in each restroom and will review proper hand washing procedures with staff.
  • Staff must wash hands at hand sinks in service or kitchen area when returning from restrooms. Hot water at hand sinks in kitchen and service area observed at 111F.
  • During discussion with person in charge on 4/11, the new water heater has not arrived on site.
  • Inspector reminded person in charge to ensure staff are informed and monitored to properly wash hands after using restrooms - person in charge told inspector a lecture was given to staff regarding proper hand washing. Re-inspection scheduled.

River Ridge Cafe, 100 River Ridge Dr.: 

  • Issues were corrected: general sanitation of equipment and kitchen has improved since last inspection.
  • Hand sink repaired - draining properly.
  • Thermometers provided for interior of coolers.
  • Note: discussion with person in charge, the top rail and under counter of flip top unit not holding proper temperature - no food observed inside - replace or repair.
  • Unit is not to be used for cold food storage of perishable foods until it is able to maintain proper cold holding temperature, at or below 41F.


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