Owner of Charles River Running Organizing Three-Mile Run for Marathon Victims

Charlotte Walsh, who crossed the finish line two minutes before the explosion in Boston, is organizing a three-mile run to remember the victims.

This year was the first time Charlotte Walsh, owner of Charles River Running in Norwood, was able to run in the Boston Marathon. She was excited about participating because for her, and runners everywhere, this was their "World Series."

"I was so blessed to have a number," Walsh said."[Through the event], I saw the real face of Boston, the different places and  people," Walsh said. "Everyone becomes a Bostonite and they are just there to enjoy the day."

During the race Walsh had the sense to keep going. She didn't even want to stop for water. But within two minutes after crossing the finish line, she heard a loud explosion.

"I thought it was a just a transformer blowing up," she said. "And I didn't even get a chance to get water so my mind was already in another place. I didn't think that it was anything bad, like a terrorist attack, because why would that happen when you're already having a great day?"

Walsh said she is grateful that her and everyone she knew was safe after the blasts in Back Bay. But to remember the victims and all those affected, she is now organizing a walk/running event for anyone who needs to heal from Monday's event.

"Running is great for healing," she said. "Because right now no one knows what else to do, and it's just a great way to heal."

The event will start on Wednesday, April 16, at 6:30 p.m. and will begin in front of the store on Washington Street. Participants can choose to do a two-mile walk or a three-mile run. 

Walsh is also asking all of the participants to wear blue and yellow to honor the victims of the tragic event.

During the event there will be monetary collections.  Walsh suggested that all donations go to the American Red Cross.

For more information you can also call the store at 781-349-8341.


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