Pastor of St. Catherine Supports Pope's Resignation

While many are surprised that Pope Benedict XVI has decided to resign, Pastor Paul Garrity believes that it was the right decision to make.


When Pope Benedict XVI decided to resign due to health reasons, many catholics in the Norwood community were surprised.  Mostly because this is the first time a pope has resigned in six centuries.

But Monsignor Paul Garrity, of St. Catherine of Siena in Norwood, believes that he is making the right decision.

"In an interview, he actually indicated that if he felt that he couldn't fulfill his job, he would ultimately resign," Pastor Garrity said. "He deserves our admiration for the work that he did and applaud his decision at this time."

The Vatican will soon start the election process for the new pope.  And Pastor Garrity hopes that the new pope is able to resolve the polarization issues of the catholic community.

"[As a church] we hope that the new pope appreciates the challenges that we face in the world today," he said. "We hope that he's a deeply spiritual man and displays the qualities that we see in the gospels of humility, simplicity, and faithfulness.


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