Spring Time? Not 'Snow' Fast.

The NWS is predicting possible snow showers for Norwood late Friday night into Saturday.

Last Tuesday marked the official start of spring, and with temperatures reaching into the 80's through the week, many in Norwood were struck with spring - maybe even summer - fever.

However, according to the National Weather Service, it may not be time to pull out the shorts and sundresses just yet.

The NWS is predicting possible snow for Norwood Friday night into Saturday, with temperatures in the mid to low 30's. As of Friday afternoon there was a 40 percent chance of snow, mostly after 1 a.m. Saturday, turning to cold rain after 1 p.m.

Little to no snow accumulation is expected, and temperatures are predicted to bounce back into the 50's for the start of next week.

The prediction is similar to last year, where Norwood was struck with a mild snow fall on April 1.


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