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What Was the Best Book You Read this Year?

It's that time of year: The internet is littered with best books lists for 2012. But why let critics and publishers get the last word? What was your favorite book this year?

It's December, which is the unofficial "taking stock" month of the Internet. And one of the Internet's favorite year-end topics focuses on the best book of 2012.

There are plenty of takes to choose from, like the newsy list, the most-purchased list, the best-as-voted-by-social-media-users list, the traditional list, the contrarian publication's list. We could go on.

But now it's time to hear from you, Norwood. What was the best book you read in 2012? And best, of course, is subjective. It can mean your favorite, the one you thought was crafted best, the one you thought was most thought-provoking. Or fun. Or important. It's up to you.

Got a favorite book you read in 2012? Use the comments section below to tell us what it was and why you loved it.

Tom McClintock December 16, 2012 at 07:11 PM
The Age of Adversity by Robert E. Lerner We think we have challenges, but so much has been gained. This is an amazing book presenting the century when kings fell, popes battled, disease overwhelmed society, books in local language became common, ideas about the sanctity of the state versus the church, of science versus faith and the recognition of "the common man" as integral to all institutions. Maybe not a best seller, but for non-fiction an amzing read.


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