Help Out Family With Medical Expenses

Sharon Orel Jones created a gofundme page to accept donations to help with her husband, Dick's medical costs.

They have raised $1,231 and their goal is $5,000

From their gofundme page:

My husband Dick was diagnosed with Colon Cancer Sept. 2009. He has been treated at MGH since then. He has had 3 major surgeries as well as several hospital stays due to complications. He has been in chemo for 3 1/2 years. On top of cancer, he has had numerous other related issues, which require constant visits to the hospital. AND on top of that, he has had issues with his memory ("chemo brain"), which will limit his short term memory, often forgetting things that are necessary to remember day to day (how to use the phone, how to find a place, if he took his meds, etc etc). When he got diagnosed, he could no longer work. His insurance does not cover over the counter meds etc (which add up tremendously over the months), nor does it cover all of his prescription meds, and much of the hospital bills, which keep piling up. I worked full time, and lost my job several months ago, yet am now working many 'smaller' jobs as I look for a permanent job. And yet, we still cannot meet our medical and medical related bills. I have always called the amazing staff at MGH, our Guardian Angels, yet Angels need to be paid. I never thought I would have to ask for help, and yet I am now in a position where I must. Dick says every day he wishes he could work, but because of the side affects of chemo, and his ongoing other medical issues, he simply can't. This breaks my heart, but we must do what he have to do, to keep his life, and my family's life, as good as possible. Thank you so much!

To make a donation, go to their gofundme.com page.



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