Norwood EYC Hosting Composting Today

Norwood Environmental Youth Coalition asking students and faculty to compost their leftovers at the dining hall today.

The Norwood High School is starting their effort to become a more green school on Thursday.

NHS will now be putting food scraps and leftovers from the dining hall into compost heaps to reduce their waste and promote more recycling.

The Norwood Environmental Youth Coalition is organizing the effort. Student and teachers are encouraged to wear as much green as they can to help support the E.Y.C. Prizes will be given to the most green students and faculty at school.

Students and faculty are encouraged to compost their food scraps starting this year.

The E.Y.C. was started in Norwood in 2004, and has been dedicated to making a more sustainable future for Norwood. Their mission includes raising awareness concerning global warming, recycling, and energy conservation.

The E.Y.C. has organized clean up days around the town, participated in Earth Day events, held catalog and stainless steel water bottle fundraisers, and coordinated an annual environmental benefit concert.


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