You Say Townie, I Say Who?

A quick introduction blog to who I am and why I am blogging. I was recently elected to Norwood Town Meeting for district 2.

My name is Peter “Pete” J. Downing and I am a current resident of Norwood. I am 34 years old, married, and have a beautiful 18-month-old daughter. Not originally from Norwood, I moved here back in the fall of 2009 and I have to say, I love this town! We moved to Norwood to be closer to my wife’s sister and her husband, who was born and raised in Norwood, and my niece. I grew up in a similar setting, a city way, way out in western Massachusetts called Pittsfield. I grew up in a large family of nine children. Seven of those nine children were adopted. In the end, I found a great neighborhood, a beautiful house and again, I truly love Norwood. 

Enough about me. Let’s get to the “meat” of the blog....

I recently got elected to Norwood Town Meeting (NTM) in district 2. My desire and intent to join NTW and get more involved is driven by my father who runs veterans shelters in western Massachusetts called SoldierOn. His efforts inspire me to try and give back where I can. I planned to make Norwood my home indefinitely and have no plans of leaving anytime soon!

The other reason why I decided to make a run for NTM is to hopefully get others in my age demographic inspired to get involved with the town. Let’s face it… we are the future of this town and we need to get more involved. I am personally using NTM to get my name out there, learn the town politics a bit more and start planting the seed for a possible future run at some larger role. 

My main areas of focus and passions are:

  1. The schools
  2. The town’s center
  3. The town’s “curb appeal”
  4. Streamlining the budget


Sure there are other areas, but these are the ones that come to mind!

So I may not be the definition of “townie” but I sure as well will try and earn that title. I do not plan on going anywhere anytime soon. My blogs will focus on town happenings, town businesses and more. 

I know I am a non-townie and every townie I meet welcomes me with open arms. If you care about this town, then to me, you are a townie. If you want to make Norwood your home and not a stepping stone to other surrounding towns, then to me, you are a townie. "Townie" does not have to mean born and raised! I am not a "townie" by definition and know I have only lived in Norwood for three years, but I am here to stay. I am making an effort because I want to make a difference. So in the end, when you say "townie," I say "who" because in my eyes, anyone who wants to help make Norwood a better place is a townie.

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Dennis Doherty May 01, 2012 at 04:12 PM
Peter, Great post. I am in the same boat. My wife and I have loved the first couple of years we have spent in Norwood and are not going anywhere. Looking forward to more post. Dennis
Patricia Sterritt May 01, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Pete, Nice story. I agree with your opinion on making a difference and getting involved. I am TM member district 6, 2nd year. I have been in Norwood for 14 years and still considered a "carpet bagger" if interested in politics visit www.norwoodgop.org Our next event is May 16th at Conrad's, 6:30 pm. See you at Town meeting.
Joe Greeley May 02, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Greetings all ! This thread has certainly grown in a few days, and I applaud the obvious commitment. I didn't say this in my initial post, but I'm not only a town mtg member from District 2, but I'm also an elected member of the town's Finance Commission. The Fincom is meeting tonight at town hall at 5:30, in preparation for the special town mtg which starts May 10, and the annual town meeting, scheduled to start May 14th. Ours are always open meetings, so everyone's invited, but the meetings are also taped by NPA, and are televised at various times within a few days of taping. Although I wouldn't classify our meetings as 'sexy' by any stretch... they provide a lot of the background information leading to our town meeting recommendations. For that reason, these meetings could provide background info for any interested town mtg member who wants the story behind the story. The other good news is that our meetings are managed in such a way that we move quickly through the agenda, and viewer's don't have to sit through a four hour marathon meeting to get the gist of our efforts. Just a thought, and a suggestion that these meetings may be informative. I'm also available if anyone has any questions or suggestions that they want to provide offline. Again thank you all ! Joe Greeley 617.908-4158
Rep. John H. Rogers May 10, 2012 at 04:38 AM
Pete: Welcome to Norwood! And thank you for your service to the great town of Norwood as an Honorable Member of the Norwood Town Meeting. Along with Joe Greeley and Patricia Sterritt, you serve in a body which is oft-considered the cornerstone of American democracy! I once was a proud member of this august body and now am privileged to serve as Norwood's State Representative. However, Pete, it's ok not to be OFN. Although I am OFN (born in Norwood, raised in Norwood, coach in Norwood, founded a business in Norwood, live in Norwood, raising a family in Norwood (3 girls...I have no Constitutional rights), and represent Norwood, I once was informed, in the 1990's, by Old Guard Norwood, whom I love, that because my parents were born in Dorchester, that I, too, was a Carpetbagger and, therefore, not qualified to be "Norwood". But Norwood is far richer and more blessed to have within her ranks a citizen like you, together with your family, who cares about the decency and vibrancy of our people, the strength of our families, the growth of our business, the richness of our industry, the promise of our children's future and the hope of a better tomorrow, right here, in the best town in America...a town where the people, a very good people, pray to God,...and then selflessly go and answer the prayers of others. Only Norwood. Welcome Home, Pete. Yours In Public Service, John H. Rogers State Representative 194 Plantation Circle, Norwood
Pete Downing May 10, 2012 at 01:05 PM
John: Thanks for your gracious comment. Looking forward to tonight's meeting. I have a few "hot buttons" from the people in my neighborhood to represent. I may even blog on one of those issues... <grin> Pete


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