Assault Investigation Leads to Two Drug Arrests, Third Suspect Still At Large

Police are actively looking for the suspect in an assault from early last Thursday morning in South Norwood.

An assault incident in South Norwood last Thursday has led to the arrest of two local males for drug-related charges, Norwood Police spokesman Kevin Grasso said in an email statement Tuesday.

The suspect in the initial assault has not yet been arrested, but police are "actively looking to get him in custody," according to Grasso. He said the suspect's name will be released once he has been arrested and arraigned.

According to the police statement, on Oct. 4, at 1:39 a.m. a victim of an assault and battery flagged down Officer Andrew Jurewich at the intersection of Dean and Pleasant streets. He had visible injuries and was treated on scene by the Norwood Fire Department.

"The 35-year-old male victim stated that a male acquaintance had assaulted him and stole money from him while on the ground," Grasso said. "He stated that as the suspect began to drive away he jumped onto the hood of the car, falling off a short distance later."

The assault allegedly occurred on Washington St. in the South Norwood area, where the victim and suspect were together for the purpose of meeting a drug dealer and purchasing cocaine. According to the police, the victim informed Officer Jurewich that the suspect may have gone to an address on Whitewood Cir. Officer Jurewich along with officers Gregory Shore and Michael O’Brien then went to 7 Whitewood Circle to investigate.

When officers arrived, the residents at the address, Alan Baker and Michael Evans, were cooperative, police said. They told the officers the full name of the person suspected of the earlier assault, who is believed to have moved out of that residence the day before for an unknown address in Peabody.

"Officer Shore then saw what appeared to be a gun in the waistband of Evans. This was determined to be a cigarette lighter," the police statement reads. "During the officer’s investigation he discovered a prescription bottle that had Marijuana inside it along with other contraband in his possession. Evans had led the officers to a bedroom to retrieve property of the victim of the earlier assault. When Evans opened the locked bedroom door, a clear baggy was observed on the bed with Marijuana inside it. Next to this baggy were prescription bottles with small packages inside. Inside these packages were Marijuana seeds from Amsterdam. These seeds contained instructions on growing Marijuana."

Other jars and prescription bottles containing Marijuana were discovered by police, and Evans was arrested for possession with intent to distribute a class D substance (Marijuana).

When Officer Shore completed his investigation with Evans, the police statement said he then spoke with Alan Baker. Officer Shore discovered that Baker had a BB gun inside his pants. Police said that located inside Baker’s pants pocket were several pills, identified to be Xanax, which Baker did not have a prescription for. As a result, Baker was arrested for possession of a class C substance.

Both Evans and Baker were arraigned in Dedham District Court. A request for a warrant on the third suspect is being sought for assault and battery on a disabled person, unarmed robbery and larceny.


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