Two Arrested for Alleged Distribution of Oxycodone

Norwood Police arrested three suspects last week after suspicious activity interrupted their surveillance in another case.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13 plainclothes officers and detectives of the Norwood Police Department arrested two men for drug-related charges while on a surveillance assignment for a separate investigation.

Officers were on their way to the surveillance location when they passed through an area of recent high drug activity, a police statement said.

"Delaying their plan for just a few moments to check on the second location they were quickly presented with a suspicious individual whose actions gave rise to the officer’s suspicions that he was there to buy or sell narcotics," the statement said. "Moments later a second individual appeared, one previously arrested for selling drugs. A very brief encounter and a hand-to-hand transaction ensued. The detectives moved in."

James Carroll, 41, of 42 Glendale Road, Norwood, was arrested for Possession of Class B Substance (Oxycodone). Craig Marchand, 38, of 140 Gallivan Boulevard, Dorchester (formerly of Norwood), was arrested for Distribution of Class B Substance (Oxycodone). Both were booked at the Norwood Police headquarters and arraigned at Dedham District Court from where they were sent to be held at the Dedham House of Correction as each already had pending criminal cases.

Following a lead developed during this incident, arrested Laura Ann Tansey, 41, of 25 Chapel Court #3, Norwood, when she met with an undercover officer to sell drugs. Tansey was charged with a Subsequent Offense of Distribution of Class B Substance (Oxycodone). She had just been arrested for Distribution in June by Norwood Police and NORPAC detectives. She was booked at Norwood Police headquarters and arraigned at Dedham District Court.


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