NORPAC Task Force Releases Annual Report

The group brought 125 drug-related charges in FY 2011.

The following is a press release from the Norwood Police Department:

The NORPAC Task Force Annual Report for FFY 2011 has been prepared by Norwood Chief of Police William G. Brooks III and is now available to the public. Chief Brooks serves as the Director of the NORPAC Task Force.

Included in the report is the Task Force Enforcement Summary:

During FFY 2011 the NORPAC Task Force opened 168 criminal investigations. Of those investigations that were drug-related, charges were brought in the primary categories below.

Class A distribution and trafficking (primarily heroin): 42
Cocaine distribution and trafficking: 33
Oxycodone distribution and trafficking: 8
Other Class B distribution and trafficking: 12
Marijuana distribution and trafficking: 30
Currency seized: $183,687
Currency forfeited: $23,278

Read the rest of the report on the Norwood Police Department website.


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