Norwood Agencies Respond to 'Snowtober'

The Halloween weekend storm caused little trouble for Norwood residents and agencies.

Norwood Police, Fire, Light and Public Works departments worked closely over the weekend to keep residents safe in the early winter storm that struck much of the East Coast, police spokesman Kevin Grasso said Monday morning.

"From Saturday evening 9 p.m. until Sunday Morning 9 a.m. we answered 121 telephone calls to our Dispatch Center," Grasso wrote in an email statement. "Twenty percent were 911 calls for service. We had power outages throughout the town. Officers responded to numerous calls for wires down, trees down, road hazards and medicals."

The reports from the police department for this weekend's 'Snowtober' resembled the calls made in the aftermath of , which hit Norwood and the rest of Massachusetts at the end of August.

As of Monday morning, some area towns remain without power and are "postponing" Halloween - urging residents to hold trick-or-treating until later in the week.

But Norwood fared well in the wake of the unexpected snowfall, and the NPD congratulated all agencies on their performance.

"All agencies did an outstanding job to respond to the needs of the residents during this period," Grasso said.


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