Norwood Man Suspected of Illegally Tattooing 13-Year-Old Girl

The Norwood Police Department is seeking a complaint against a 21-year-old Norwood man for allegedly tattooing a teenage girl without permit from the Board of Health.

The following is a statement from the Norwood Police Department:

The Norwood Police Department is seeking a complaint against a 21-year-old Norwood man for tattooing a teenage girl. The case began when School Resource Officer Jamie Mahoney received information that the 13-year-old girl had received the tattoo at the man's home. The girl got the tattoo willingly, but was suffering some after effects. Officer Mahoney attempted to investigate, but the young man would not talk to him. On November 27, Officer Mahoney filed an affidavit at the Dedham District Court and was issued a search warrant for the man's home where he lives with his parents. Officer Mahoney, assisted by Norwood detectives, searched the home later in the day and recovered needles, ink, tattoo sketches and other related supplies.

It is unlawful to administer a tattoo without a permit issued by the Norwood Board of Health. The young man is charged with administering a tattoo without a permit, administering a tattoo to a person and under 18 and failure to provide aftercare instructions. The offenses are misdemeanors. The complaint application is expected to result in a magistrate's hearing at the Dedham District Court. The man's name is not being released as he has not been arrested and no complaint has yet issued.

Families whose children may have received unlawful tattoos are encouraged to contact Officer Jamie Mahoney at jmahoney@norwoodma.gov.


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