Norwood Police Department Releases Strategy for Combating Drug Abuse

The 13-page document establishes a strategy for the Norwood Police Department in its mission to suppress drug distribution and abuse.

The Norwood Police Department, led by Chief William G. Brooks III, this week released a 13-page strategy for combating the distribution and abuse of Heroin and prescription painkillers.

"Many communities in the United States struggle with issues related to drug
dependence," the document reads. "Over the past few years Norwood has experienced an upsurge in the abuse of heroin and prescription opioids. (Opioids are drugs that are usually prescribed to relieve pain, and include oxycodone, hydrocodone and fentanyl.)"

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center - which closed in June of this year - heroin and opioid abuse in New England is the region’s most significant drug threat.

"Many Norwood residents are aware of the problem," the strategy says. "The rise in heroin use, combined with the legalization of hypodermic syringes by the Massachusetts legislature in 2006, has resulted in increased disposal of needles in public places, which has in turn brought increased attention to the drug abuse
problem. Drug addiction fuels crime, endangers young people and those who are susceptible to addiction, and eats away at the fabric of a community."

The Norwood Police Department strategy includes steps to coordinate intelligence, work with local landlords and communicate with the community. It aslo includes the implementation of a Drug Intervention program whereby officers will directly approach addicts and offer them assistance in finding treatment.

"The technique can be particularly effective following the arrest of a dealer, when some addicts are temporarily left without a source," the document says.

Read the full strategy attached to this article and let us know your thoughts. How bad is the drug problem in Norwood? Do you think this will help the issue? Tell us in the comments!

Tom McClintock August 24, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Every step to push back on drugs and crime is a plus. I would agree that no one step or simple approach will solve this issue. As the Police document notes, the root of the problem is the drug user, and every effort is made to get them out of addiction. Adults rarely go from non-user to abuser. Drug use and addiction starts as a child. As noted on page 5, drug investigations are seldom effective in addressing addiction. We as a community of family, friends, neighbors, fellow students and co-workers need to stretch our hand to get addicts assistance either on their own or, if needed through a Sect. 35 court ordered commitment. Every student in the middle school and high school can identify a drug user, abuser. Yes, every student. How do we let these children and teenagers know that it is ok to nudge someone they know off a track that leads to destruction? Knowing that the police are making every effort to help addicts and not just lock them up! Call the confidential tip line: (781) 440-5181.


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