Norwood Police Nab Two For Housebreak on Fulton Street

An increase in anti-crime patrols in the area led to the arrests of two Dedham men on Friday.

The following is a release from the Norwood Police Department:

On Friday, Jan. 25, officers of the Norwood Police Department arrested two Dedham men and charged them with breaking into a house on Fulton Street. Here’s how they did it:

Due to an uptick in housebreaks over the past few months, the NPD increased its deployment of anti-crime units. Anti-crime is a plainclothes patrol and surveillance unit where officers target areas of town where crimes have recently occurred. Officer Lopes was on anti-crime duty in plainclothes and in a nondescript vehicle when he spotted a man sitting in a blue Saturn in front of a house on Fulton Street. The engine was running and the man was alone. Officer Lopes drove by to get the plate number, but when he circled back the Saturn was gone. Officers checked the house and found a broken window. Inside, officers found a cut cable and a missing TV along with Canadian money strewn on the floor. Dispatcher Maroney broadcast an area-wide BOLO (be on the lookout) for the car to surrounding departments. 

Dispatcher Maroney also discovered that Stephen Huff, a relative of vehicle’s owner, had a criminal record with a recent arrest for receiving stolen property and drug possession. He was able to locate the homeowner, who was out of town at the time, and confirm that the window wasn’t broken when he left. Detective Sergeant Rinn headed for Huff’s neighborhood in Dedham as other Norwood Police units scoured neighborhoods looking for the Saturn. 

A few hours later, Detective Sergeant Rinn spotted the Saturn in Dedham and began to follow it, calling for assistance as he did so. Dedham Officers Peterson and Flint responded and stopped the Saturn on the Cedar Street bridge. Inside were Stephen D. Huff, 28, of 48 Coronation Drive and Francis P. Krusz, 27, of 17 Curve Street. The men gave accounts of their morning that conflicted with Officer Lopes’ observations of them on Fulton Street. Officers also saw a crowbar on the rear seat of the Saturn. 

The men were placed under arrest. Upon searching them, officers found Canadian money in Huff’s underwear. They also found a GPS in the Saturn with the Fulton Street address as the home setting, indicating that it belonged to the resident on Fulton Street.

As this story is posted, Officer Lopes and detectives are investigating whether the pair can be tied to other Norwood breaks. Stand by for updates.


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