Taunton Man Arrested for Passing Counterfeit Money

George Georgakakais, 39, of 157 Crane Avenue in Taunton, was charged with possessing a counterfeit note, uttering a counterfeit note, receiving stolen property and possession of heroin and Suboxone.

The following information is from the Norwood Police Department:

A Taunton man was arrested by patrolmen of the Norwood Police Department Monday after he tried to pass a counterfeit bill at the McDonald’s at Route One and Everett Street.

At about 10:45 a.m., NPD dispatchers received a call from a McDonald’s employee who told them a man had just fled the restaurant after passing a phony $20 bill. Officer Dylan Haldiman headed for McDonald’s while Officer Christopher Flanagan set up along Route One to watch for the car. After only a few minutes, Officer Flanagan spotted the car southbound near Sumner Street and stopped it.

Meanwhile, Officer Haldiman learned that an observant cashier spotted the phony bill and told the man who passed it that she had to verify it. That’s when the man, later identified as George Georgakakais, 39, of 157 Crane Avenue in Taunton, took off in his gray Buick. Officer Haldiman left McDonald’s and joined Officer Flanagan who was being assisted by Officer Will Fundora. Georgakakais admitted that he had passed the bill but denied knowing it was counterfeit. However, a search of his car turned up more bills, all with the same serial number, and small items he had purchased. Georgakakis then admitted that he had made the bills and was purchasing items of low value to generate authentic cash in change. In Georgakakis’ car, officers also found heroin “works” and syringes and crushed Suboxone, a tablet that is prescribed for heroin addiction. There was no evidence that Georgakakais had a prescription.

Officer Haldiman arrested Georgakakais and notified the U.S. Secret Service, who has federal jurisdiction over counterfeit violations. Later in the day, Officer Haldiman and Secret Service agents drove to Georgakakais’ home and searched it with his consent. The printer and blank paper Georgakakais had used to make the bills, along with additional drug evidence, were seized. During their investigation, the officers discovered that Georgakakais had passed other counterfeit bills along Route One.

Georgakakais was charged with possessing a counterfeit note, uttering a counterfeit note, receiving stolen property (the goods purchased with the phony bills) and possession of heroin and Suboxone. Tuesday, he was arraigned in a hospital bed where he was taken for an unrelated illness after he was booked. He was later arraigned at Norwood Hospital and ordered held on bail.


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