Three Arrested for Alleged Heroin Possession, Distribution

Norwood Police made three arrests Thursday for possession and/or distribution of Heroin.

Norwood Police made three drug-related arrests Thursday, all for possession or distribution of Heroin, police spokesman Kevin Grasso said in a statement Friday.

Norwood Police Detectives, Uniformed Patrol Officers and Detectives assigned to the Norfolk County Police Anti-Crime (NORPAC) Unit were involved in the arrests of Ashley Villafane, 23, of Chapel St. in Norwood; Matthew Bretti, 27, of Savin Ave. in Norwood; and Richard Hart, 18, of Nichols St., Norwood.

Grasso said police gathered intelligence pertinent to the arrests after a previous arrest of Bretti on April 2.

"This arrest resulted in a search warrant requested and granted for the data contained in the cellular telephone used by the defendant," he said. "Members of the METROLEC Computer Crime Unit performed the forensics exam and extracted information to assist investigation."

On Thursday, Detectives observed Villafane leaving Bretti’s residence.

"She drove to a dead end street into a vacant parking lot and remained there alone," Grasso said. "When Uniformed Officers questioned her she had no reason for being on this property. She consented to a vehicle search and then volunteered information that she had Heroin in her possession. She was placed under arrest."

Detectives continued the surveillance on the Bretti home and observed another subject enter and leave in a short period time. At this time, Detectives requested and were granted a search warrant for the residence, at 28 Savin Ave.

"The warrant was executed and Detectives located Heroin and other drug related material to confirm the distribution of Heroin was taking place in this home," Grasso said. Bretti was arrested on scene for possession with intent to distribute a class A substance (Heroin) second offense and distribution of a class A substance (Heroin).

Later in the evening, acting on an anonymous tip, Officers David Eysie and Greg Hayes responded to Shattuck Park Road for the possibility of drug sale. As of Friday it was unknown whether or not the tip was related to the previous arrests.

"The Officers investigated and were clearing the area when three male subjects were seen entering the park," Grasso said. "The subjects were watched and Officers observed actions consistent with that of drug use. When Officers approached all three began to run. They were stopped quickly and questioned."

At that time, police arrested Hart for possession of a class A substance (Heroin). Police said the investigation into these incidents is ongoing.

chuck April 28, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Mike Hunt May 11, 2013 at 02:21 AM
Richard Hart is innocent! He was just holding the bag and took the blame for someone else.


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