Three Arrested in Norwood for Trafficking in Opiates

Police confiscated several hundred pills with a street value of over $9,000 in the arrest of three male suspects Monday afternoon.

Norwood Police arrested three males for allegedly trafficking in prescription narcotics on Monday afternoon, and confiscated several hundred pills with a street value of over $9,000, according to a police statement issued Tuesday afternoon.

Humberto Valdez Torres, 43, of Miami, FL; Giovanni N. Ibanez, 27, of Dedham; and Chris Hubler, 57, also of Miami, FL, were all arrested and charged with trafficking in opiates after police observed them engaged in suspicious activity in the parking lot of the Rama Shopping Center on Washington St.

According to the Police statement, Officers David Eysie and Mario Costa were working in plainclothes with the department's anti-crime unit, assigned to investigate the sale of drugs in areas known for high drug activity. While in the area of the shopping center just after 3 p.m. on Monday, they observed the subjects "acting in a suspicious manner."

"Their behavior was consistent to that of the drug trade," the statement reads. "The subjects had entered and exited a pharmacy within the shopping center and they remained in the area while talking on cell phones. Officers spoke with the staff of the pharmacy and learned that one subject had just filled a prescription for Oxycodone."

At this point Detective Sergeant Robert Rinn and other members of the Norfolk County Police Anti-Crime (NORPAC) Detectives Unit joined the investigation and had a conversation with the subjects. One subject was in possession of a pill bottle prescribed to another.

Following this initial investigation Ibanez and Torres were placed under arrest while Hubler remained under surveillance. During booking another pill bottle was discovered with Hubler's name on it. Detectives then placed him under arrest.

All three were scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Dedham District Court.

So far in 2012, Norwood Police have made 20 drug distribution related arrests. Nineteen of those 20 included drugs other than Marijuana.


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