Two Arrested Walking the Railroad Tracks With Burglarious Tools

Norwood Police Anti-Crime arrested two men Sunday night who allegedly intended to break into a local building.

The following is from a release from the Norwood Police Department:

On Sunday, Feb. 3 at approximately 11 p.m. Officer Wennerstrand, assigned to Anti-Crime Patrol, was in the area of Rama Plaza when he observed a vehicle park near the Seven Eleven.

Two men exited the vehicle, but instead of entering any of the businesses still open, they walked westward down an alley behind a building which housed a pre-school and medical offices. Officer Wennerstrand who assigned to plainclothes in an unmarked car, called for back up. Officer Kullich who was in uniform responded. Together, they entered the alley to investigate. As they exited the alley at the other end they could see the two had trespassed on to the Mass Bay Commuter Rail property and were walking south on the railroad tracks.

The officers followed the two men south on the tracks and, as they closed the distance, saw the two men stop, turn, and observe the officers following them. The two men then started walking north. They tried to walk past the officers but were stopped at the officers’ command. The two men told lie upon lie as the officers’ inquiries and computer checks revealed that the two men, both of whom possessed long criminal records, were carrying a backpack full of pry bars, gloves, and a hand drawn map of a nearby building. Additionally, each had a walkie-talkie. Both men were arrested. As the call developed Officer Haldiman and Hayes responded to the Norwood Central station on Lenox Street while Officers Lyden and Baguma responded to the Rama Plaza lot to secure the suspect vehicle.

Arrested were Stephen Angier, 53 of 336 Broadway #C3 Everett, Mass., and John Squires, 43 of 176 Prospect St., Norwood. Both are charged with Possession of Burglarious Tools (a Felony), Conspiracy to Commit a Crime - Breaking and Entering (a Felony), and Trespassing on the Railroad tracks (a Misdemeanor). A records check revealed that Squires has faced two dozen charges in the past, including Breaking and Entering. Angier has face over a hundred criminal charges including Breaking and Entering. Both were held on bail overnight and were arraigned in Dedham District Court Monday morning.

Anti-crime patrols use plainclothes officers in unmarked vehicles to target specific areas for specific types of criminal activity. This patrol strategy, combined with individual officer initiative, has achieved remarkable success as of late.

Frederick R Haskell February 05, 2013 at 11:10 PM
Good observation with great results..
Parker February 07, 2013 at 08:13 PM
wow! great work Norwood PD.


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