Two Men Arrested After Police Witness Drug Transaction

Norwood Police arrested two men on Monday afternoon after a plainclothes officer allegedly witnessed the sale of narcotics between the two.

Norwood Police officers arrested two men on Monday after a plainclothes officer saw them allegedly engage in a drug transaction.

Scott Doyle, 31, of 38 Jefferson Dr. in Norwood, was charged with distribution of a class A controlled substance, subsequent offense, and possession of a class A controlled substance with the intent to distribute. Sean Curran, 27, of 138 Cottage St. in Norwood, was charged with unlawful possession of class A and C controlled substances.

Just after 4 p.m. on Monday a resident called the Norwood Police Department to report suspected drug activity in the area of Hill St. Officer David Eysie, who is currently on a plainclothes drug assignment according to the NPD, went to the area and began monitoring the situation. He watched a small group of people breaking up and saw one, later identified as Doyle, walk to 38 Jefferson Dr.

A short time later Officer Eysie saw Doyle leave the home and walk back towards Hill St.

"Near the intersection of Hill and Railroad Avenue, Doyle met with a man and woman and the man gave him money," a police statement read. Officer Eysie then saw Doyle hand the man, later identified as Curran a bag of narcotics.

"Officer Eysie called for back-up as he followed Curran and the woman up Railroad Avenue. Officer Dylan Haldiman, who was in uniform in a marked cruiser, arrived at the scene and found Doyle inside a store. The store is unrelated to this incident. Officer Haldiman arrested Doyle and found heroin in his pocket. Officer Eysie stopped Curran and the woman and recovered heroin and clonazepam (Klonopin) from Curran," the police statement said. The woman was not in possession of anything illegal and is not being charged.

Following the arrests, Officer Eysie obtained a warrant to search 38 Jefferson Dr., and during the search, he and detectives recovered more heroin and some cash.

Both men were held without bail overnight and were scheduled to be arraigned in Dedham District Court Tuesday morning. Due to a conviction in Florida for drug trafficking, Doyle faces minimum mandatory sentences of three and a half years in prison on each count.

DJD September 12, 2012 at 05:21 PM
I live on Railroad Ave and saw the tail and if this ...
DJD September 12, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Lets try typing this again. I saw the tail end of this around 4:30.


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