Selectmen Discuss October Police Actions, Circle of Hope Luminary Night

Briefs from the Board of Selectmen meeting, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Norwood Police Working to Stop Trespassing on Train Tracks, Recover Stolen Grave Markers

Chief William G. Brooks, III, of the Norwood Police Department submitted his monthly report to the Board of Selectmen at their meeting Tuesday night.

Brooks said the department saw a couple of milestones in October, including the 1,000th person on the department's Facebook page, the 20,000th visit to their website, and 400th follower on Twitter. He said these milestones are important because it indicates that the community is checking in.

In the middle of the month, Norwood Police participated in the Franklin Line Safety blitz, the chief said, working with Transit Police and other police departments along the train line to monitor trespassing on the tracks. Brooks noted that there have been several incidents in Norwood of people being struck by trains in recent years.

"Many times these strikes are suicides, but occasionally they are accidents," Brooks said.

He told the Board that officers patrol the tracks for students trespassing before and after school.

"A lot of the stuff we do is not visible, and walking the tracks is one of them," Brooks said.

In other news from October, Brooks said that the two victims of a head-on collision on Boston-Providence Highway are "coming along" but that for at least one of them it will be a long recovery. He said he believes the other driver in this accident is still being held on bail.

On the recent grave marker thefts, the Chief reported that the items have unfortunately not been recovered yet.


Circle of Hope's Luminary Night to be Held Dec. 1

The Circle of Hope also addressed the Board Tuesday night, regarding their annual Luminary Night - this year to be held Dec. 1.

The event will be held as always on the Town Common, and will include the NHS Alumni Madrigal Singers.

Dave Tuttle, Treasurer for the Circle of Hope, said that this past year the organization reached two milestones: giving out just shy of $50,000 in aid, and bringing the total amount of funds given out since its inception in 1998 to over $301,000.

The Board expressed thanks to Circle of Hope, and excitement for the Luminary Night.

"It's more than a fundraiser," Selectman William Plasko said. "It's actually very spiritual."

Luminaries are $5 and can be purchased before Dec. 1 by contacting the Circle of Hope. Luminaries will also be sold the night of the event.


Residents May be Charged for Paying Bills Online

Robert L. McGuire, Town Treasurer and Collector submitted communication to the Board stating that effective Jan. 1, 2013, the system the Town uses for online bill pay, Unipay, will be charging residents 25 cents for each transaction. McGuire asked the Board if the expense should be budgeted for or if it would be passed on to residents.

Selectmen Plasko said he would support that cost be passed on.

"If we start waiving this one, we waive others," he said.

Selectman Paul Bishop noted that anyone paying their bills by mail would spend 34 cents on postage, so this is still a bargain.

The Board voted unanimously to advise McGuire that the cost should be passed on to residents.

Trish Monahan November 11, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Personally, I object to passing the cost of electronically paying bills on to residents. I agree with Mr. Bishop that the cost is less than that of a stamp but in the long run, I suspect it is not less expensive. Checks are manually processed, taking more time out of the day for town employees. How many employees are involved in processing checks? Does it cost the town more to pay them or to pay Unipay? Has a different company been considered? I realize the town does not have unlimited funds to pay this charge to the company. Perhaps we should all go back to paying by check.


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