Health Inspections: Sabb's Market, Unsal's Pizzeria and Norwood Country Club

The following health inspection reports were submitted by Board of Health inspectors.

Editor's note: The following was provided by the Norwood Health Department. Any inspection report below is a snapshot of the day and time of the inspection. On any given day, a restaurant could have more or fewer violations than noted below and may not be representative of the overall cleanliness of an establishment. If there are any questions or concerns contact the Norwood Health Department at 781-762-1240.

Tuesday- April 23, 2013

Unsal's Pizzeria & Ristorante, 655 Washington StreetTwo sanitizer spray bottles too strong in concentration - corrected on site.

Wet wipe cloths on surfaces throughout restaurant - must be stored in a bucket of sanitizer solution at proper concentration.

Post food allergy notice at point of service.

Post certificates and permit in conspicuous location.

Provide a divider between the mop sink and hand sink in rear prep area.

Dish washing machine (high temp) at 184F = good.

Hot phf's held >140F.

Good food handling observed.

1001 Boston-Providence Highway- Blade to mounted can opener in kitchen area observed with encrusted food debris build up.

Rodent droppings observed in several areas of facility. Clean droppings and sanitize areas - more aggressive treatments needed - facility is treated every two weeks but person in charge told inspector he wants to contract with a different pest control company. List given to person in charge. Fax reports to health department after each pest control visit.

Clean walls in bakery department.

Hood units above cook lines overdue for service - fire dept. notified.

Notes: Site inspection conducted due to complaint regarding pest activity in facility. Pest control company treated facility early this morning - report showed minimal activity in facility.

Good food handling observed.

Cold phf's observed <41F.

Thursday- April 25, 2013

- A major improvement was observed regarding the overall sanitation of the main kitchen.

Person in charge decided to contract a commercial cleaning company. A monthly deep cleaning of the restaurant will take place the last Monday of every month.

John's Canteen, 5 Christopher Drive- Post food manager certification.

Spot check of food code dates good. Cold foods <37F. Hot water at hand sink >110F.

Permit issued.

Friday- April 26, 2013

Mike's Canteen, 29 Howland Circle- Inspection sticker on vehicle expired Dec. 2012 - provide.

Post food manager and food allergy certificate.

Provide copy of food allergy certificate to health department.

Sanitation of storage side of vehicle (drivers side) not up to code.

Permit not issued. Re-inspection scheduled in two weeks.

Palagi Brothers Ice Cream, 28 Delta Drive- Sanitizer concentration (chlorine) in wipe cloth bucket too strong.

Also, not in compliance w/new ice cream truck vending permit regulation - two other staff members working on truck need to be compliant - provide.

Permit not issued. Re-inspection scheduled.

Note: freezer observed at <2F. Spot check of food code dates ok.

Ruby's Ice Cream & Frozen Lemonade, 32 Pratt Lane- Inspection for issuance of mobile food permit.

In compliance with new ice cream truck vending regulations - permit with pictures posted.

Spot check of food code dates good.

Freezer obsv'd <0F. Permit issued.

Union Canteen, 45 Lincoln Road- Sanitizer in spray bottle too strong in concentration - corrected on site.

Post sign at self service area.

Hot foods observed at >140F.

Spot check of food code dates good.

Hot water at hand sink >110F. Permit issued. 

Friday- April 29, 2013

- Tongs in use stored on counter on top of telephone cord - store in sanitary manner.

Post food allergy statement at point of service.

Provide ample supply of sanitizer test kits.

Spot check of food code dates good. Cold phf's obsv'd <41F.


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