Norwood's CertainTeed to Receive Workforce Training Fund Grant

On Thursday the Patrick-Murray Administration announced $6,846,496 in Workforce Training Fund grants to 87 Massachusetts companies, including over $115,000 to CertainTeed Corp. in Norwood.

Yesterday the Patrick-Murray Administration announced $6,846,496 in Workforce Training Fund grants to 87 Massachusetts companies, including CertainTeed Corp. in Norwood.

The grants, which support up to two years of training, will create 682 new jobs across the Commonwealth and train over 6,300 workers.

"We are focused on addressing the skills gap issue in the Commonwealth so that workers can compete in today’s ever-changing jobs market,” said Governor Deval Patrick. "The Workforce Training Fund focuses on the needs of both our businesses and workers, as Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in economic recovery.”

“The Workforce Training Fund continues to provide Massachusetts companies with the right resources to train employees and build a stronger and more effective workforce,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. “The program is another tool in the toolbox for businesses, and we look forward to seeing this funding support new jobs, increased work capacity, and business growth in regions across the Commonwealth.”

CertainTeed will receive $115,150 in grants. Ninety employees will be trained and five additional jobs are expected to be created as a result of the training.

“It’s great to see the Workforce Training Fund programs back in full operation, with assured funding,” said Richard C. Lord, President and CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts. “Employers of all sizes across the state are seeking improved productivity, and these grant programs are proven resources for advancing workforce skills.”

Companies in 65 other cities and towns across the Commonwealth will receive grants as well, and training will be provided to employees in a range of sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, engineering and hospitality. 

“We are committed to providing training to new and incumbent workers so that businesses will have the skilled workforce they need to thrive in the Massachusetts economy and employees develop the skill sets and expertise that leads to sustainable jobs,” said Joanne F. Goldstein, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development. “We continue to partner with Massachusetts employers so they can access the Workforce Training Fund which provides them with the resources to run training programs that ensure the viability and growth of businesses in the Commonwealth and a workforce that is top notch.”

The fiscal year 2012 budget established the Workforce Training Fund as a trust fund, allowing for collection and disbursement of funds as needed by businesses, rather than on an annual appropriation cycle.

“Businesses are welcome to contact us about grant workshops held across the Commonwealth to help educate businesses about this excellent resource,” said Nancy Snyder, President and CEO of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development's Commonwealth Corporation. "We are delighted to see consortiums applying for grants together to fill needs that help a variety of workers.”

Editor's Note: The preceding information was taken from a press release from the Patrick-Murray administration.


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