Norwood Voter Information: Presidential Primary 2012

The primary is Tuesday, March 6. Are you voting?

The Vote

The 2012 Republican presidential primary is Tuesday, March 6.

The polls will open at 7:00 a.m. for voters who are registered with the Republican party, or those registered to vote but unenrolled in a political party (Independent voters).

On the Ballot

Mitt Romney - Former Massachusetts governor, attended Brigham Young University, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Law School. Leading up to Tuesday's vote, Romney has won four straight caucuses, putting him in the lead for the party's nomination.

Ron Paul - Texas Congressman making his third run for the presidency, attended Gettysburg College, and Duke University. Paul is a physician, and author, as well as being a U.S. representative.

Rick Santorum - Former senator from Pennsylvania, attended Pennsylvania State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Dickinson School of Law. He was the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, and is considered both a social and fiscal conservative.

Newt Gingrich - Former House Speaker from Georgia, attended Emory University, and Tulane University. Before his election to Congress in 1978, Newt Gingrich taught at West Georgia College for eight years. Gingrich and his wife, Callista, host and produce documentary films as well as write photo books and record audio books.

Where Do I Vote?

Here in Norwood there are several polling places. To find out where you can vote Tuesday, refer to the table below or enter your address here.

 District 1  

 Oldham School

 Prospect Street

 District 2  

 Oldham School

 Prospect Street

 District 3

 Civic Center

 Nahatan Street

 District 4

 Cleveland School

 Nichols Street

 District 5

 Civic Center

 Nahatan Street

 District 6

 Balch School

 Washington St. S. Norwood

 District 7 

 Balch School

 Washington St. S. Norwood

 District 8

 Callahan School

 Garfield Avenue

 District 9

 Prescott School

 Richland Road

The Norwood District Map is available here.

John Harris March 06, 2012 at 09:40 PM
The polls are also open for voters registered with the Green-Rainbow party of Massachusetts.


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