Rep. Rogers Secures Funding for Norwood Ice Rink

Rogers secured approval from the House Thursday for $5.6 million in funding for a DCR ice arena in South Norwood.

Editor's Note: The following press release is from the office of Rep. John Rogers.

Representative John H. Rogers (D-Norwood) secured $5.6 million in funding toward the located in South Norwood during a House session Thursday night. Rogers has been working with Norwood Youth Hockey, rink enthusiasts, and local officials in search for funding for a Norwood-base rink for the town.

Rogers amended a state budget that closes out the books for FY2012 with language that authorizes and directs the state to expend up to $5,659,000 on a DCR rink in Norwood.

“This is great news for Norwood families as well as the Commonwealth,” Rogers said. “The state will have an asset that it doesn’t have to maintain or manage; the town can manage the asset and collect the revenues it generates; the neighborhood will benefit from an economic surge; and our youth, seniors, and all of Norwood’s families will at long last have access to a home rink.”

Back in June, Rogers organized a meeting in South Norwood at the Coakley Middle School with Norwood town officials, DCR engineers and youth group organizers to begin the discussion of the possibility of constructing a DCR ice rink in Norwood. A senior DCR engineer at the time surveyed the site, calling it an ideal place due to its access to existing water, sewer, electricity and parking spaces which reduces construction costs overall.

The Rogers amendment amended a 2008 environmental bond authorization that allows for the construction of publicly owned rinks. Rogers, earlier in July, met with DCR Commissioner Ed Lambert, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan, and Deputy Secretary of Administration and Finance Scott Jordan to discuss a Norwood DCR rink. Rogers obtained agreement from these officials that the Norwood rink proposal is consistent with Governor Deval Patrick’s five-year capital investment plan.

The Norwood rink language now heads to the Senate where Norwood’s Senator Mike Rush (D-West Roxbury), who supports the rink plan, is expected to get the backing of the full Senate.

Rogers hopes to bring members of the Norwood RINC committee to meet with the Governor to push for the release of the authorized funding some time in August.

Jimmy Durante July 27, 2012 at 05:21 PM
I wish rep Rodgers was running for reelection every year. that way he would do something.
Joe Greeley July 29, 2012 at 11:49 PM
Rep. Rogers was able to attach an amendment to a larger bill, and secure funding for this project, on behalf of a group of local advocates. The press release is limited in details. The facts, as outlined in the Globe a week ago, are that the state is forecasting a surplus in the current year. These amendments, and there are many across the state,would immediately spend the surplus, regardless of whether the projects are actually 'needed' or not. The audience at the meeting referenced was limited, and does represent a commitment from the town. Do we really need this facility ? How can we pay for it once it's built, and are taxpayers willing to pay for these added costs while we can just barely afford to pay for the things we need ? How do we handle added traffic in S.Norwood ? It was proposed that the rink would be open only limited hours, a fact that would make it a very unusual ice facility. Typical rinks in eastern Mass. are open for business from 5 a.m.- midnight everyday. How likely would it be for Norwood's rink, in the long run, to limit its hours of operation ? More importantly, the proposed site for the building is between the Hawes pool and the Coakley parking lot. How do the schools feel about a facility of this type impacting or interrupting school traffic ? This press release announces progress, and Rep. Rogers should be congratulated. However, Norwood's citizens must decide the fate of this project, and it must be considered as part of our overall priorities.
paula from Westwood August 18, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Joe, a hockey rink is a long overdue GIFT to the children of Norwood and local communities. I am sure lots of thought and effort went into securing the funding for this project and choosing a location. I am confident that more thought will go into the design of the structure and how it will impact the community. For those of us who drive for more than an hour to secure ice, this is truly an appreciated effort. There are many knowledgeable members of the Norwood community who are familiar with the management of a hockey rink. I am optimistic that all of your valid concerns will be addressed. Thank you Representative Rogers and your team!
Carpet bagger September 25, 2012 at 06:20 PM
We absolutely need the rink for our kids. Having to bring them to Canton, Dedham, Milton, etc. is not a lot of fun. Norwood sounds better to me.


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