Selectmen Notes: Board Approves CV License for New Pizzeria

At their meeting Tuesday the Board of Selectmen approved a license for a new restaurant taking over the closed Abbondanza location, discussed the new landscaping on the Town Common and established a committee to look into hiring a new Fire Chief.

Board Approves CV License for Unsal's Pizzeria Ristorante

At their meeting Tuesday night, the Board of Selectmen held a Public Hearing for Engy, Inc., doing business as Unsal’s Pizzeria Ristorante to be opened on Washington St. in the center of town.

Erol O. Unsal, of Quincy, would be opening the new restaurant in the location of the closed Cafe Abbondanza. It would be the same general concept, Unsal told the Board, with both pizzeria and dine-in restaurant areas.

Unsal said he would hopefully apply for a liquor license for the restaurant side of the business for 2013. He said the pizzeria side would open first, possibly by Thursday morning pending approval of a final walk through by the Health Department.

Unsal told the Selectmen he's been in the food service business for 21 years, and used to own a pizzeria in Malden.

The Board unanimously approved the license.


Board Discusses Rehab of Town Common Statue Area, Tree Removal

Superintendent of the Department of Public Works Mark Ryan presented his monthly report of departmental activities to the Board, including a discussion of the work happening on the Town Common.

Ryan said the Highway and Parks Department has been replanting and cleaning up the area around the Protectors of the American Way statue, which thanks to Lucas Carr and Pathfinder Tree Service has been cleared of overgrown bushes. The plants had been there for 21 years, Ryan said, and needed some maintenance.

"The place looks terrific," he said.

The Board agreed and thanked Ryan and all those involved for their work.

"It does look very nice over there," Selectman Allan Howard said.

"I think that the new landscaping will enhance the whole area," Selectmen Helen Abdallah Donohue added.

The Board also voted unanimously to support an item on the manager's agenda regarding the addition of another tree to the removal taking place on the Town Common. At a previous meeting, Town Manager John Carroll said that Ryan had discussed the situation with an arborist, and feels that it would be best for the state of the Town Common to have four trees removed. In their current state, the trees will grow into each other - causing damage to the trees themselves as well as the lawn below.

Ryan said that there will be a Public Shade Tree Hearing at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday for members of the public to hear details and voice their concerns. After the hearing, the trees will come down sometime next week, he said.


Selectmen To Meet with Firefighters Local on Strong Chief Law

Andrew Quinn, President of the International Association of Firefighters Norwood Local 1631, submitted an invitation to the Board to meet and discuss the Strong Chief Law and the Board's position.

Selectman William Plasko said that he wouln't mind having the discussion if a date could be made for Quinn and any other members to come to a Tuesday night Selectmen meeting. The Board unanimously approved Plasko's motion to attempt to put the meeting on a future Selectmen's agenda.


Plasko, Donohue Volunteer to Look into Hiring Options for New Fire Chief

Board Chair Michael Lyons suggested that as the Board works towards settlement with Norwood Fire Chief Michael Howard, it is time to start looking at options for hiring a new chief - whether a nationwide search, hiring from within, or any other search strategy.

He recommended that the Board establish a committee of two or three to look at the options and report back. Selectmen Plasko and Donohue volunteered to begin that process.

Deputy Chief Ronald Maggio will serve as acting chief until the town decides on further action.


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