Selectmen Approve Wine and Beer License for Norwood Theater

Notes from the Board of Selectmen Meeting Tuesday night.

Board Approves Wine and Beer License for Norwood Theater

The Norwood Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to approve a Wine and Malt Beverage license, a C.V. license and an Entertainment license for the Norwood Theater, set to reopen in August, after a short public hearing Tuesday night.

Susan Lewis, manager for the theater, said the ability to serve alcoholic refreshments will allow the theater to function at the level of others in the area.

"I want to be able to compare the venue with some of the performing arts centers in Boston and the surrounding area," she said.

Lewis said the service will not be available for every performance, as there may be children's shows or concerts for young adults where alcohol service is inappropriate.

Selectman Allan Howard said the license will be an excellent addition to the venue, while Selectman Helen Abdallah Donohue complimented Lewis on her dedication.

"Your enthusiasm in the project is just so intense," Donohue said.

Corner Memorial for Army Spc. Keith Benson

The Board unanimously approved a corner memorial for Army Spc. Keith Benson, the 27-year-old in January of this year.

The memorial will be located at the corner of Gay and Joy streets, and will be dedicated on May 28, at 1:00 p.m.

Board Discusses Exemption Request to Sex Offender Residency Restrictions

A letter was submitted to the Board from the family of Christopher D. Marvin, Norwood resident and registered Level 2 sex offender, requesting that he be granted exemption to the residency restrictions of the Sex Offender Residency By-Law so that he can continue to be treated for his terminal illness at his
mother’s residence.

"This is a hard situation," Lyons said, noting that according to information submitted by the police, as well as Marvin's family and doctor, the terminal nature of his condition leaves him with just months left to live. The current residence, however, is too near the for compliance with the town by-law.

"I'm betwixt and between after reading this over several times," Howard said.

Selectman Bill Plasko said that it is possible the by-law does not allow for an exemption at all, and Selectman Paul Bishop agreed.

"We may not even have the right to do it period," Bishop said.

In the end, the Board voted unanimously to wait for information from town counsel as to whether a by-law exemption is possible, and from the Norwood Police safety officer on the condition of the party in question and safety of the nearby school children before making any further motions.


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