Selectmen Notes: Antique Dealers Approved for Commerce Center, Rink Meeting to be Held

Briefs from Tuesday night's Board of Selectmen meeting in Norwood.

Antique Dealer Licenses Approved for Norwood Commerce Center

At their meeting Tuesday night, the Board of Selectmen finished approving the Junk/Antique Dealers Licenses for the Norwood Commerce Center.

The Center, which is at 61 Endicott St., will be open on weekends with a variety of dealers in secondhand and antique items.


Public Meeting to be Held by New Rink Location Committee

Town Manager John Carroll told the Board that the newly formed committee to investigate available locations for the proposed Norwood hockey rink will be holding a public meeting on Nov. 28 at 5:30 p.m.

Carroll said the committee, which is made up of members from several town departments and boards including the Recreation Department, School Committee and Selectmen, encourages the public to attend and voice their concerns.

"Especially people from south Norwood seem to be mostly concerned," he said, as the currently proposed location is near the Coakley School in South Norwood.


Board Voices Support for Several Articles on Town Meeting Warrant

Selectman William Plasko told the other members Tuesday night that he had been asked by Norwood citizens about the Board's position on the Town Meeting articles for Thursday night's meeting.

Plasko asked to put the Board on record supporting articles 6-18 and 22.

On the article regarding funding for a concession stand structure at the high school, Selectman Allan Howard motioned for the Board's opposition, but other members reasoned that the Board should take no position until they had heard more information.

"I want to get some more information before I take a stand that strongly against it," Chairman Michael Lyons said.


Board Will Ask for National Grid Representatives to Come to Meeting

The Board voted unanimously to have National Grid in to discuss issues of high prices for residents wishing to convert to gas in areas without already established gas lines.

Several members expressed concern that such a meeting would have little impact, but voted to ask for the meeting anyway.



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