Selectmen Hear Update on Town Hall Repairs

The board heard from the project managers on the town hall repairs proposed for later this year.

Town Hall Repairs

On Tuesday night the town Selectmen heard an update from Dale Gienapp, of Dale Gienapp Design, and Tim Bonfatti, Owner's Project Manager, on the repairs due to the Town Hall building.

Gienapp said that although the contractor's warranty is only a year, the work, which won't be started until later this year, should be good for quite a long time.

The previous repairs made bought several extra years on the building, he said, but through the natural aging process of the building new repairs are necessary.

Town Manager John Carroll said the town budget is currently carrying $1.8 million for this project, a number that will be refined in the coming months, but is unlikely to be lowered.

Outdoor Tables Approved for Fresh-Froyo

A frozen yogurt shop in downtown Norwood requested a permit from the board for an outdoor seating area as the warmer months roll in. The board approved the request for two outdoor tables at Fresh-Froyo on Washington St. unanimously.

Thanks to All Who Participated and Donated to Dancing With the Stars

Selectman Paul Bishop said that the town of Norwood continues to amaze him in their support for each other -  a quality that was shown at this past Friday's Dancing with the Stars event for the Circle of Hope organization.

The event was a great success, he said, but the real success was not in the dancing or judging numbers.

"The numbers that really counted were the numbers the Circle of Hope put in the bank," he said.

Bishop said that the event raised something in the area of $67,000.


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