Visions for Vacancies: D'Angelo's

There will be a Subway taking the place of D'Angelo's on Route 1, are you excited for that opening or is there something you would rather see there?

Drive around Norwood and you'll notice far too many empty storefronts and buildings.

This week, we're continuing our "Visions for Vacancies" series where we showcase an empty storefront in town and ask you what should take up the space.

Today is a little different - we already know what is taking the place of the vacancy left by D'Angelo's on Route 1 by Vanderbilt Ave. It's going to be a Subway.

What do you think of that opening? Are you excited to see another Subway in town (this would be the second shop, the first is on Lenox St.) or would you rather the location be used for something else?

What business do you think is missing from Norwood's scene? Tell us in the comments!

What do you think should go in the location? Is Subway a good fit? Think we have enough sandwich shops? Tell us in comments!


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