Letter From Norwood Superintendent Following Conn. Shooting

Superintendent James Hayden issued a letter this weekend to all Norwood school parents following up on the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn. on Friday.

After the on Friday, Norwood Public Schools Superintendent James Hayden issued a letter to all parents regarding emergency plans and how to reassure students of their safety.

"We are all shocked and dismayed by the terrible tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut this Friday," Hayden wrote. "Our condolences, thoughts, and prayers go out to all those affected by this tragedy."

"Senseless violence is so hard to understand and explain not only to ourselves but also our children," the letter continues.

In order to help children feel comfortable in their schools, the letter offers the following ideas:

  1. Talk honestly about the incident without using graphic detail and share some of your feelings about it. It is important that students feel informed.
  2. Encourage your child to tell you about their concerns and express their feelings. Validate their feelings and concerns.
  3. Limit television viewing. It can be difficult for children to process the images and messages in news reports.
  4. Recognize what may be behind your child's behavior. Your child may minimize their concerns outwardly, but they may become argumentative or withdrawn.
  5. Seek help when necessary. If you are worried about your child's reaction or have concerns about his/her behavior or emotions, contact a counselor at your school or refer to your own family practice physician.

"We have practiced throughout the year our emergency procedures and will continue to review all our safety plans to do everything we can to provide safe schools in cooperation with the Norwood Police and Fire Departments," Hayden wrote.

Read the full text of the letter in the attachment to this article.


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