Norwood School Committee Statement Regarding Mark Joseph Resignation

A transcript of yesterday's meeting, including the committee's formal statement on the matter.

A meeting of the Norwood School Committee was scheduled yesterday after Superintendent James Hayden alleged that committee chair Mark Joseph had organized the illegal transfer of kitchen equipment from the old Norwood High School to a local business rather than the new high school.

The allegations were reported to the Norwood Police Department. An ongoing investigation into the propriety of Joseph's actions is currently underway.

This is the transcript of the public session portion of Thursday afternoon's meeting. To watch the statement, visit NPA-TV's website.


Committee Chair Mark Joseph: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the meeting of June 30, 2011, please stand to Pledge Allegiance.

(The Pledge of Allegiance is said)

Thank you again, do I have a motion to close public forum and go into executive session?

(Motion made by another member)

Motion to discuss the complains or charges brought against a public official and said conversation to be in executive session. Motion made and seconded, all those in favor?

Committee Member: Point of order Mr. Chairman, since the stated agenda is to discuss a complainer charge brought against a public official and that charge is against the current chair of this committee, I make a motion that we have the vice chair run the meeting moving forward. The vice chair being Mr. Plasko.

Committee Member: I believe the gavel will be passed in executive session because that's when the conversation will occur that's pertinent to the member you addressed, so I think we make that official change in executive session.

Committee Member: We probably need to make that official change in open session.

Committee Chair Mark Joseph: I'm ruling that out of order and putting that into executive session. Again, we've just discussed executive session's sole purpose and that we will go into executive session with agreement. So that being said the chair rules that out of order and make a motion to go into executive session. Thank you everyone, we will be coming out of executive session for the sole purpose of open session and adjournment.

(Committee entered executive session)

Committee Vice Chair William Plasko: Can I have a motion to open the meeting back up into open session?

(Motion made by another member)

All in favor?

(Motion passed unanimously)

At this time the Norwood School Committee would like to make a statement: During the executive session the school committee met to discuss complaints brought against Mark Joseph. The committee accepted Mark Joseph's offer to resign as Chair of the Norwood School Committee, however, he did not resign his seat on the committee. Due to a legal question as to Mar. Joseph's status as a member of the Norwood School Committee and the ongoing investigation into Mr. Joseph's activities, we have no further comments at this time.

(Motion made to adjourn, passed unanimously)


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