Norwood Falls to Dedham Metrowest in Final Seconds

The 7th grade Dedham Metrowest boys are now in sole possession of first place at 8-0 in the season.

The game stood tied at 57-57. There were four-tenths of a second left on the clock, and Dedham's Dylan Maida was standing on the free-throw line. Norwood had just committed a technical foul (too many men on the floor) and Dylan had been chosen by his teammates to take two shots.

This was an important match-up, between the number one (Dedham 7-0) and the number two (Norwood 6-1) teams in the division.

From the opening buzzer, Dedham stepped up and took control of the game.

At the end of the first quarter, Dedham held on to a 20-12 lead. The second quarter proved just as intense, with dozens of whistles stopping the play throughout. At the half, the boys from Dedham had their largest lead of the game 35-25. The pace of the first half however, had taken its toll on the 7th grade boys from both teams.

With the some scrappy defense on Norwood's part, Dedham saw its 10 point half-time lead reduced to just 4 points (43-39). 

The game was tied at 45 with six minutes remaining, and remained tied until Dedham took a 55-53 lead with under a minute to go. With only 7 seconds left, and a 57-55 lead, Dedham was forced to foul Norwood going in for an easy layup.

Keeping their hopes alive, Norwood made both free-throws, tying the game at 57 points each. In the next few seconds, Norwood was caught in a change up mistake, and called for a technical foul. For what seemed like an eternity, after half-court conferences and extended time-outs, the game stood tied at 57-57.

There were four-tenths of a second left on the clock and Dylan Maida was on the line. Twice, Dylan faced the net, bounced the ball, took a shot and made it. The buzzer sounded and Dedham had won… 59-57.

The Dedham Metrowest boys picked up the victory and are now in sole possession of first place at 8-0.


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