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Hey everyone, my name is Andrea and I created this blog because I absolutely love politics. I knew I had a slight degree of interest when I was a junior in high school and I knew that degree only got bigger when I declared it as my minor. Liking politics at that time made me feel smarter and better educated on our current government. Right now I am not 100% knowledgeable in all aspects of the it, but this blog will not only benefit in keeping myself updated, it will allow me to inform anyone who reads it about political issues. I will write a weekly blog about a range of topics; commenting on speeches, special shows, news reports, and televised events. I'll also include some polls to see what you guys think. I’ll be objective and look at both sides of any situation to make valid points for both, while also including my opinions which will be indicated. Hope you enjoy the feedback on my weird obsession with politics! P.S- go and vote Nov. 6th !
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